JBJ ATO Automatic Top Off System A.T.O.

JBJ Automatic Top Off System offers a unique way to keep your water in your tank level.

This is great as you do not have to do manual water changes in your fish tank which is a tedious chore to say the least.

  • ATO has two sensors which can turn on and off a powerhead to automatically fill your sump with water from your reservoir
  • When the water level in your sump drops the automatic top off sensor will turn on the powerhead / pump  (in your reservoir) on until your sump is filled back to the correct level.
  • Keeps your salinity constant!
  • The JBJ ATO  automatic top off unit A.T.O is great for when you are away for an extended time. 
  • Specifications:
    Power Supply for Pump Capacity: 2 Amps
    DIM: (D) 1.5" x (H) 4" x (W) 2.75"
    Weight: 2 lbs
    Pump: (Not Included) we do offer many sizes of power head for this unit but there is no specific size that you need to pump the water is as long as they can maintain the proper pressure and distance the water needs to travel in your tank. On our tanks we use the JBJ Accella pump


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