28 Compact Fluorescent Nano Cube QUAD

Yes these hot of the press Nano Cubes are in stock.

Boasting 105 Watts of intense lighting. A great size reef tank if you do not want to fork over money for a chiller which is needed for some of the other highlight units we offer.

You asked and they listened.  You wanted an aquarium for freshwater or saltwater that could house a variety of ocean life or freshwater but not as intense as metal halide lighting.  The 28 nano QUAD CF was born.  The aquarium for everyone.

This saltwater aquarium has 105 W of power compact lighting in a single bulb so you can grow many types of corals and other saltwater delicacies.

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(DCV) MT-602-LED 28G Quad Power Compact JBJ Nano Cube

Free Ship Cont USA. JBJ has done it again with the 105 Watt 28 Gallon Nano Cube. MT-602-LED - STAND IS NOT INCLUDED