Nano 180

The Half Circle Aquarium with the full tank Specs. JBJ Nano 180 is IN STOCK and it makes a great freshwater aquarium with a very unique design and self integrated filtration system that is great for your fish.

Nano 180 Half circle full aquarium.

This Freshwater set up will take you to the next level.  Simple to set up and a great starter tank or really neat for someone who has a tank but who just wants something with a Euro sleek look for the home, or office.


Place 2 of these side by side to create a visually stunning design like we have shown here to the left.


This aquarium is for freshwater only.  You can have fish and plants though and it does come with a filter included and lighting already installed.


Add gravel, water, heater, maybe some wood and freshwater aquarium plants and you can be set up in minutes in your JBJ Nano 180. Thanks.


Nano 180 Saltwater Replacement Bulb


DCV Nano 180 Replacement 11 Watt Daylight Bulb