* 250w 20K Replacement HQI Lamp AQT-250-20k

* Metal Halide HQI Bulb 250w 20K AQT-250-20k

* 1/20 hp Nano Arctica Chiller Discontinued

1/20 - hp nano arctica chiller Rated up to 25 gallon tank

* Dennerle CO2 Visual Indicator Dennerle

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the essential element required by aquatic plants for photosynthesis. Most of the time sufficient carbon dioxide cannot be generated naturally in the aquarium so is must be added as needed. Therefore, consistent carbon dioxide monitoring is essential for a healthy plant system. Each Dennerle kit includes a sample vial and reagents for 57 tests. ANALYSIS: 1. One drop of reagent (2) is equal to 2 mg/l of carbon dioxide. 2. The level of carbon dioxide is determined by timing the total drops by 2. For instance, the level of CO2 is 10 mg/l if the total drops of reagent (2) are 5 drops. 3. The level of carbon dioxide in the aquarium is influenced by the carbonate. Hardness recommended level is a as follows: 5¢XDkh = 10 ~ 15 mg/l ; 10¢XDkh = 15 ~ 30 mg/l; 15¢XDkh = 30 ~ 40 mg/l

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