MX-30 Picotope Aquarium 3 Gal by JBJ

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Explore the world of nano aquariums. The new JBJ Pico Tope is a small 3 gallon fish tank that makes a stunning impression. MX-30

  • 11.8 x 8.9 x 8.1
  • Remote Ballast
  • Power Filter
  • Rounded Panoramic view for a touch of elegance and style
  • 9 Watt Clamp-on Lamp, 50/50 CF 1/2 Blue / 10K

Bigger is not always better.  JBJ has a new tank here called the Picotope.  This unit is a great stand alone tank with its own clamp on lighting and power filter.

Made of beveled glass, the Picotope makes a wonderful bedroom, table or desktop aquarium.

If you are searching for a tiny tank with all of the big tank supplies you have found it with the JBJ Picotope aquarium. Fish and other aquatic life will be happy in this habitat.

Clamp on Lamp

Our unique Clamp on Lamp fixture hangs on the back wall and can be positioned UP, DOWN, and even FORWARD to find that perfect illumination spot to watch your favorite live animals. This energy saving JBJ Compact Florescent fixture contains a 9 Watt 50/50 lamp and a remote ballast for a cooler running pico environment.


  • Power: 9 Watts
  • Kelvin: 50/50 CF Lamp (Half Blue/Half 10K)
  • Ballast Type: 6 Watts
  • Tank Dimensions: 11.8” X 8.9” X 8.1”Can be used for freshwater or saltwater.

JBJ Picotope info

  • Includes picofilter and media
  • Included clamp on light and bulbs


Product Description
JBJ Introduces the all new PICOTOPE! This beautiful 3 gallon curved glass desktop is an excellent starter tank that offers rounded glass corners for panoramic viewing, a beveled glass bottom, a 9 Watt 50/50 clamp-on Lamp, and the original Pico Powerfilter. The PICOTOPE is sure to add a touch of elegance and style to any room it graces.




Our unique Clamp on Lamp fixture hangs on the back wall and can be positioned UP, DOWN, and even FORWARD to find that perfect illumi-nation spot to view your favorite live animal. This energy saving JBJ Compact Fluorescent fixture contains a 9 watt 50/50 lamp with a re-mote ballast for a cooler running pico environment

Advanced Features:

 • Telescoping Arms

 • Adjustable light hood

 • Space-saving Desig

n • Remote Ballast

 • 2-in-1 Lamp (blue & white)

 • Energy Efficient Our illumination system is the ideal choice to house: A. Freshwater Fish B. Invertebreates C. Mushrooms D. Zooanthids E. Live Rock


Power: 9 Watt Model: CL-609 Kelvin (lamp color): 50/50 CF Lamp (Half 7100K Blue/Half 10K White)

Ballast Type: Magnetic / Remote Tank

Dimensions: 11.8” x 8.9” x 8.1”Capacity: 3 US Gallons


The PICO Powerfilter is a revolutionary innova-tion that offers the same 3 stage filtration com-monly designed for larger filters in a space-saving hang-on design. • Pumps are integrated and do not require assembly.All models include the following: 1. Mechanical Filtration Black filter sponge traps free floating particulate matter and debris. 2. Chemical FiltrationActivated Carbon Bag removes dissolved organics and odor. 3. Biological Filtration White sponge offers maximum surface area to colonize beneficial bacteria to remove harmful toxins.The PICOTOPE starter aquarium offers panoramic viewing with smoothrounded corners for maximum viewing and enjoyment.


Note: Always fill PICO Powerfilter with water before plugging into an approved 115V outlet. Pump may need 30 seconds to 1 minute to prime and start filtering. If pump does notstart, add more water into rear of filter with a cup.Filtration Water Flow Pattern FILTER SPECIFICATIONSModel: WF-2015 Voltage: 115V Power: 6 Watts GPH: 40 gph Dim: 3.3” x 3” x 4” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------



 Never attempt to move a full or partially full PICOTOPE. Never lift by grabbing the aquarium walls.Never use cleaners that contain ammonia to clean the glass surfaces. Always lift and carry the PICOTOPE from underneath giving support tothe bottom at all times.


Find a leveled surface that can support the weight of the tank, water, and livestock. An average aquarium can weigh 10lbs per gallon once filled with water, rock, gravel, and other accessories. Do not place in direct sunlight to prevent excessive algae growth and higher water temperatures.


Always dechlorinate tap water before adding into the aquarium. Always fill with room temperature water. Rinse Activated Carbon which is located in the rear filter compartmentunder the sink for 30 seconds or until water runs clear. Fill the main body of the PICOTOPE until water reaches the bottom of the clamp for the light fixture. Once PICOTOPE is filled, plug PICO pow-erfilter power cord into an approved electrical outlet with a fuse or cir-cuit breaker. Once filter is on, water will enter intake strainer through the filtrationmedia and return back into the tank.

ADDING A HEATER (not included)

If you wish to keep tropical (warm water) fish you will need a submersi-ble heater to maintain optimal water temperatures to simulate their natural environment. Most tropical fish will need a temperature rangebetween 74-78 F for optimal living conditions. A heater can be placed in the main body of the PICOTOPE behind accessories such as decorations, plants, or rocks.We recommend a small 100% submersible 25-50 watt heater if neces-sary. Note:Evaporation occurs faster in smaller tanks that have open tops. Please check water level regularly to ensure filter is functioning properly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your PICOTOPE has an innovative set of telescoping arms that can be extended and retracted to meet your specific lighting needs. The tele-scoping arms can be adjusted 180 degrees from front to back. Please careful not to handle the fixture during operation. Light fixture may be warm to hot and should not be adjusted until time has been allowed to properly cool down. Never allow water contact on any part of the Clamp on Lamp. Never service the light fixture while fixture is plugged into an electrical socket.


Your PICOTOPE is pre-installed with a dual color lamp that offers day-light and blue actinic light in one compact design. A. Plugging the Remote Ballast 1. Plug power-cord from the remote ballast into an outlet strip that is properly approved and equipped with a fuse or circuit breaker. 2. Press the switch located on clamp portion of the light fixture to “ON” position to turn on compact fluorescent lamp. * We recommend you keep a photoperiod of 8-10 hours per day to replicate a natural cycle that your livestock has grown accustomed to.



Regular maintenance is the key to a successful thriving aquarium. Main-taining an aquarium can be very easy with a regular cleaning sched-ule.


A. Water changes should be carried out on monthly to bi-monthly schedule depending on how much bio-load is kept. B. 25% water changes with gravel vacuuming is essential to keep dis-solved organic carbons to a minimum. A. Filter Sponge should be changed on a monthly basis to remove trapped debris and free floating particulate matter. A. Activated Carbon adsorbs dissolved pollutants and removes the yel-low discoloration of water and associated odors. B. Replace Activated Carbon Bag on a monthly basis. A. Biological sponge should not be removed as it houses the beneficial nitrifying bacteria for removal of ammonia and nitrite. B. This sponge does not need to be changed. Pico Filter should always be unplugged before changing media. Remove filter top cover and change media.Always remember to fill up Pico Filter with water before plug-ging back into an electrical wall outlet.


Always disconnect the power supply from the wall outlet whenperforming lamp changes Removing the lamp from fixture Your PICOTOPE is installed with the following:We recommend replacing lamps every 9-12 months due to a decline in intensity which is vital for corals and invertebrates. Spectral shiftsmay also occur that may lead to undesirable algae growth. 1. Unclamp the light fixture from the tank rim. 2. Lay light fixture down on a leveled surface and unscrew light cover. 3. Unclip lamp from bulb clips. 4. Unplug the (2) female wires from the male pins at the base of the lamp. 5. Re-insert new replacement lamp and reconnect wires, place into bulb clips, and screw on light cover. Model Bulb Item #Description Kelvin MX-30 3 GALLON PICOTOPE B9-BW10K 9 Watt Com-pact Fluores-cent Lamp Half 10K Day-light/ Half 7100K Actinic Blue

Product Weight 11 lbs