* 24 Gallon Viper Nano Cube Combo Kit

* 150 Watt k-2 Viper+ 24g tank
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24 Gallon Viper Nano-Cube combo kit. This 24G tank includes everything we have been waiting for.

THIS JBJ VIPER TANK and k-2 Viper Light included With Metal Halide

  • K-2 Viper lighting with clamp on brackets. 150 watt metal halide HQI Bulb  Comes standard with 14000k -Kelvin to create a blissful tank.
  • Nano Cube aquarium with all media pumps, nano carbon etc.
  • Glass top IS INCLUDED.  This top is specifically made by JBJ to fit the Nanocube.
  • Works in saltwater or freshwater.
  • Also includes the glass top so you fish won't jump out.  150 Watt HQI light and ballast all part of the promo.

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