JBJ 250 w K-2 Viper DELUXE HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture

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The K-2 Viper 250 Watt Just got better. The Deluxe model of lighting to illuminate your aquarium.

JBJ K-2 Viper Deluxe 250W HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture with super bright LEDs & a nifty fan to keep your tank cooler in the summer time. Deluxe is always better right?  We think so and when it comes to lighting an aquarium, your corals and fish will agree.  JBJ Viper clamp on lighting is just like the other HQI lights but this bad boy has a fan and LEDS.

What that means is your tank will be a lot cooler as well as your fish and corals and other inverts.

This HQI lighting system comes with one of HQI bulb

  • 250W 14000K HQI Metal Halide Bulb - JBJ, Double-Ended


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