36 Inch JBJ 4x39 Watt Trinity T5HO 2-10k/2-420/460nm Actinic Light Fixture T5HO-36

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Number 2 in the line of lights, the High Output T-5 Aquarium Lighting. Looking for aquarium lighting at a low price for a mid size tank? Well its here by JBJ - the 36 inch Trinity light. Picture shows 4 single LEDs - this unit features 3.

Trinity Ho Light Model T5HO-36  This model is 3 feet long or 36 inches

Made by JBJ Lighting, this high output design is an energy efficient light for saltwater and freshwater tanks.

Great for illuminating corals and fish and live plants.

The TRINITY™ High Output T5 Illumination Systems offer all of the lighting you need at an affordable price.
Included with each 24 inch Trinity are 14K Daylights, 420nm Actinic, 460nm Actinic, and 1 Watt Nite-Vu LED moonlights housed in a sleek powder coated finish. 24 Hour Light Cycles The TRINITY™ illumination system combines day light, dawn - dusk, and night time lights mingled within a space saving accessory. a. Daylights – (2) 10K Lamps b. Dawn- Dusk – Simulates sunrise and sunsets 420nm Actinic Bulb a. 420nm Actinic Light b. 460nm Actinic Light c. Moonlighting – 1 Watt Nite-Vu LEDs cast alluringly shimmering effects. Every cycle can easily be controlled by utilizing timers with the 3 individual power cords. 420nm Actinic light UL Listed Electronic Ballast All fixtures are installed with Fulham® Workhorse Electronic Ballasts, the most dependable and effective on the market. We are so fearless, we give a 2 Year Warranty from the date of purchase! Flip Top Leg Stands One of the most convenient features on any lighting fixture. Simply slide the stands into the track and easily flip up the entire lighting system without ever having to lift it off the aquarium for routine maintenance. Individual Lamp Reflectors Polished German Individual Lamp Reflectors casts over 30% more light back into the aquarium. Dual Cooling Fans 2 cooling fans inevitably turn on with the daylight cycle to keep functioning climate of the fixture down for longer lasting light and ballast life. Ball bearing fans perform quietly while bringing forth 4500 rpm’s.

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Trinity Light 36 inches SPECS:
Product Name: Trinity T5HO Illumination System
Item No:  T5HO-36,
Dual Fans: 2300 rpm each
Fan Voltage: 12 volt
Warranty: 2 Year












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