JBJ EFU-25 Reaction 4 Canister Filter

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Reaction 4 Canister Filter EFU-25 UV Sterilizer

JBJ EFU-25 Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter & UV Sterilizer

These effective aquarium filters utilize mechanical, chemical, biological filtration, and a 5 Watt UV sterilizer for a balanced aquarium. Water enters the canister via the intake strainer and is guided through a large sponge to trap particulate matter. The water then reaches 500G of activated carbon to remove harmful dissolved organic compounds. Water is directed over the ceramic rings that offer a tremendous amount of surface area internally and externally to grow beneficial aerobic bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrite to nitrate. All filtered water then passes through the powerful UV-C lamp for pathogen and green water elimination.

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