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*Discontinued SALE! 30 Gallon JBJ Nano-Cube RL Rimless Tank RL-301

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Special Includes 30G Tank with Promo Stand RL-301

The Rimless Tank

Assertive, Sophisticated, and Panoramic. The new JBJ rimless RL-30 offers a panoramic view of your aquarium. This luxurious mid-size tank features crystal clear water filtration and strong water flow. Lean back, relax, and enjoy the stylish new addition to your decor.

Includes 3 stage filtration media with mechanical sponges, activated carbon sponges, and biological ceramic rings. This will keep your fish and other aquatic pals happy and healthy.

The stand is 36" tall and features a storage compartment for accessories and supplies. A 36-inch tall stand is ideal for both viewing and easy upkeep.

Light sold seperately.

Product Weight 140 lbs
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