Dennerle Carbo Elixier BIO 500 ml DE-EB

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Dennerle Carbo Elixier BIO 500 ml DE-EB

The most essential nutrient for all plants is carbon. About 40% of a plant’s dry mass is comprised of this element. Aquariums are typically deficient in carbon, resulting in stunted plant growth. Nano Carbo Elixir Bio provides carbon to all aquatic plants. As a bonus, it also contains other essential elements such as potassium, iron, manganese and boron to speed up growth. All plant species, from mosses, to Echinodorus and Cryptocorynes, to fast-growing stem plants, become stronger and healthier. The leaves grow noticeably bigger and the colors intensify. You’ll notice the results within a few weeks – evident on the shoot tips and new leaves. Healthier plants can better compete with algae. Undesirable algae are therefore suppressed, resulting in a healthier and more beautiful aquarium.



• Can be dispensed with or without extra carbon dioxide fertilization

• For best results, use Carbo Elixir with a technical CO2 system and a complete fertilizer

• Biologically harmless to all aquatic animals (fish, shrimp, crawfish, snails, etc.) with the proper dosage and usage

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