Dennerle Eleocharis Pusilla In Vitro Live Plant DE-139 E400

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Dennerle Eleocharis Pusilla In Vitro Live Plant DE-139 E400

Native to Australia and New Zealand, Eleocharis pusilla dwells in wetlands with different water levels. The growth height is considerably shorter than Eleocharis acicularis, usually only a few centimeters tall. Another unique feature of this dwarf spikerush is that the stems are light green and slightly curved. This species fairs best in a cooler environment; it cannot tolerate constant high temperatures over 77° F. This delicate beauty is especially well suited to stone setups in the Iwagumi style, for the creation of a fresh "summer meadow". Like Echidonorus acicularis, Eleocharis pusilla can also be trimmed well back, which makes the grass even thicker and more compact.

In Vitro specimens are submerged in 100% humidity. Many aquarium plants available are emersed, which means the leaves are growing above the water. These plants die back after they are planted inside a tank, and they regrow with the new foliage looking different than they did when they were sold. With In Vitro submersed plants, you get steady, uninterrupted development.


·        Ideal for Nano Cubes

·        Great for aquascaping – excellent foreground plant

·        Good for beginners

·        Cultivated under sterile conditions, which means no pest infestations or diseases occur

·        No algae - No snails

·        The plants already have submerged leaves, so they do not need to be acclimated

·        A "How to plant" user guide can be seen on the inside of the label