DE-CL Dennerle Catappa Leaves

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DE-CL Dennerle Catappa Leaves for Freshwater Aquarium

The leaves and bark of catappa trees have been frequently used in freshwater aquariums in Asian countries for a long time. Bacterial diseases are relieved with catappa leaves, and fish that suffer from injuries such as bites or transportation wounds heal faster with these leaves. Catappa leaves release humic acid and tannin, which benefit many kinds of animals including shrimp, crawfish, bettas, discus, and Plecostomus. The leaves strengthen the mucous membranes of fish, making it hard for harmful bacteria to get through this natural buffer. Catappa leaves also encourage the mating disposition of your fish and shrimp, while reducing fungal infections of spawn. The compounds in the leaves even thwart the growth of blue algae (cyanobacteria). Astonishingly, the filtering bacteria is not diminished when you use catappa leaves.


Adding a small piece of cattapa leaf is beneficial when placing fish and shrimp in a bag for transport. This will reduce stress and susceptibility to illness which the animals experience from the high concentrations of bacteria. Likewise, the leaves lower stress to your shrimp and fish when conducting water changes.


Usage: Add a leaf straight into your tank. Catappa leaves can be stored for an indefinite length of time if kept dry. As this is a completely natural product, variations in form, color, and size may occur.



-  For tropical freshwater aquariums

-  For shrimp, crabs, crawdads, and fish

-  Fortifies the mucous membrane and prevents fungal infections

-  Protects the exoskeletons and gills of shrimp and crawfish

-  Strongly recommended for tanks with large stocks of animals and plants

-  100% natural leaves from the tree Terminalia catappa

-  Slightly raises water acidity

-  Adds compounds to the water that shrimp and fish would experience in their native waters

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