Dennerle Pogostemon Erectus In Vitro Live Plant DE-30041 P11

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Dennerle Pogostemon Erectus In Vitro Plant-it Live Plant DE-30041 P11

A new arrival from India, Pogostemon is a stem plant that forms very fine needle-like leaves that are a wonderful, bright, green color. This Indian beauty mixes very well with red or brown-hued plants. Pogostemon’s growth rate is in the mid-range. A group of plants can be drastically trimmed - the stems will rapidly develop new side shoots, and the plants will be denser and more compact.

In Vitro specimens are submerged in 100 percent humidity. Many aquarium plantlets are sold emersed, which means the leaves are above the water. These plants die back after they are placed inside a tank, and they regrow with the leaves looking different than they did when they were purchased. With In Vitro submersed plants, you get continuous, uninterrupted growth.

Another advantage to the culture cups is that they include many small plantlets that can be divided out and spread throughout your tank, so you get a lot of value for your money.


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·        Excellent background plant for aquascapes

·        Recommended for planted aquarium keepers with some experience

·        Grown and packed in sterile conditions, which means no pest infestations or pathogens arise

·        Free of snails and algae

·       CO2 – 20 to 30mg/L

·       Grows best in temps from 68-86°F (20-30°C)

·        Store unopened in temperatures from 70°F – 80°F and daylight until ready to use

·        The plants already have submerged leaves, so they do not need to be acclimated

·        "How to plant" care instructions are printed on the inside of the label