JBJ is a distributor of Dennerle freshwater shrimp and planted tank products. We have a ton of new items such as shrimp-safe filters, nets, and shrimp food. Keep checking back as we add new products.
Dennerle is a German company known for its freshwater shrimp and aquatic plant products. Founded in 1966, Dennerle operates on the philosophy that every aquarium is a biological system with individual factors which are inextricably linked. The foundation of an aquarium is healthy plant growth, because the plants constantly remove harmful substances from the water and simultaneously produce the oxygen that the fish and shrimp need to survive. Dennerle has taken a holistic view of the aquarium ecosystem in order to easily replicate the biological cycles as a functioning system equivalent to natural processes. Dennerle's coordinated products form a system that makes underwater landscapes easy and safe to care for.