JBJ App is a multifunctional aquarium app designed to manage and control the led lights in your canopy on your JBJ AIO Nano-Cube, Cubey.
Manual Mode allows you to manually control your tanks lights. 3 channel White/Blues/Reds. Gradualy increase or decrease from 0% to 100% manually in this mode.
Smart Mode functionality you to customize your light with 3 channels and 10 independent times for your normal day to day operation while you are away from home or the office.  Use either built in timer or point graph to choose how you want to cycle your light.
Quick Preview your customized settings.
 Setting up this is a breeze, quick and easy by choosing what Aquarium you want to connect to in the WIFI Setting on your smart device.

28 Wifi Nano Cube you can now control from your phone!

Jbj is Raising the Bar on the WiFi Enabled nano cube

Android Controlling


With the updated app for Android phones and computers you have the ability to change and monitor your system lighting specs.

IOS Controlling


Customize the colors in your fish tank with the new updated WiFi Jbj ability.

Use your Phone or computer.