36 Watt Power Compact Bulbs

36 Watt Power Compact Bulbs for freshwater and saltwater fish tank use such as the 24 gallon Nanocube by JBJ/Transworld aquatics.

36 watt straight pin fit the 24 g as well as any other 36 watt straight pin socket.

These are the replacement bulbs for the JBJ 24 gallon deluxe Nano Cube aquarium. 

UPGRADE your existing hood to the new ALL LED hood since no more PC bulbs are being made.

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* Daylight 10,000K- 12 k 36W Straight PIN Linear B36-W/10K

  10k aquarium bulbs produce a bright white color. Fits the 12 gallon Nano Cube and other tanks.

* Blue 7100K 36W Straight Pin Linear

Blue 7100K 36W Straight Pin Linear
Sold out

* Blue/White Combo/ 36W Straight Pin Linear

36 W combo bulbs provide the correct color spectrum and the blues and whites to grow many types of corals. We do suggest is bulb only for the saltwater fish tank.

* 6500K 36W Straight Pin Linear Bulb

This 65K - 6700k bulb comes in 36W. The ideal bulb for illuminating freshwater fish as well as growing aquarium plants in a fish tank.