12 Gallon Nano Cube Stands

The S-Stand is discontinued. The cabinet stand for the 12G Nano Cube is still available.
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12 Gallon Nano Cube Cabinet Stand

The 12 gallon JBJ NanoCube Aquarium Stand. The perfect stand to complement your sleek JBJ NanoCube aquarium.

* 12 GAL Nano Cube S Stands

12 gallon Nano Cube S-Stand Discontinued 2012 Features: Stylish Pedestal Stand - Complements JBJ Nano Cube for a seamless look. Furniture-quality attractive in any room

This is my nano cube tank. It houses a striped seahorse, a spiny seahorse, a female harlequin shrimp, a scissor tail goby, several ricordea mushrooms, a hammer coral, a brain coral, a rock anenome, and a tube anenome.
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