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HQI Bulbs Double Ended

HQI Metal halide bulbs are typically smaller than Mogul based

Our stock ranges from 70 watt HQI to 150 watt but others may be special ordered.   Many color Kelvin options are available for these bulbs.  Great for the aquarium.
What are HQI bulbs?  Well they are basically the same as their Mogul based screw in type aquarium lamps but with 2 ends. 

The tank light bulb also has a glass encasing around it (meaning less chance of damage).


250W - 14K-15k Replacement HQI Lamp DE


70W - 14K -15 k Replacement HQI Lamp


* 250w 20K Replacement HQI Lamp AQT-250-20k


*150W - 14K-15k Replacement HQI Lamp DE


Metal Halide Bulbs