Replacement LEDs

Replacement LEDS for the JBJ Nanocube

Takes seconds to install in your Nano Cube once the hood is removed. Most of the units seen here plug-and-play. What this means is you unplug your existing LEDs via the cord and just pop in the new ones.

Now stocking the aquarium LEDs for the JBJ 28G NanoCube Replacement Dawn-Dusk 3 Watt LED 2-Pack for MT-601

If you have any questions concerning how to replace these for your Nano Cube aquarium do not hesitate to contact us.


MT-601-17 Nano Cube Replacement Moonlight for 28G (2pk) MT-603


28G MT-601-18 Nano Cube Prof LED Strip


Replacement JBJ Nano Cube LEDs for 28G HQI - MT-60-LED (KX-SZ-03B)

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6G MT-30-LE Nano Cube Moonlight LEDs-2Pc


MT-601-9 Replacement Dawn/Dusk LEDs for 28G Nano Cube (2pk) 28G-1*3W


MT-LED 12G & 24G Nano Cube DX Moonlight LEDs-2Pc