Return Elbow, Tubes, and Nozzles

Nano Cube Tubes and such

Little odds and ends for the back filter of the JBJ nano cube aquarium. Different sizes of 90 degree elbows and return nozzles are available. All these items are made specifically for this tank. Please click more details for item specifics and costs.

Return Elbow

This is the L-shaped elbow that comes from the powerhead into the back of the tank.

Return Tube From Powerhead to Tank for Nano Cube

Make sure you choose appropriate replacement part for your Nanocube based off of your tank specs and size of your tank.

MT-DRN Return Nozzle for the Nano Cubes

Directional Return Nozzle for the Nano Cubes MT-DRN

24 Gallons Nano Cube Water Nozzle

This is the return nozzle for the 24 gallon nano cube.