Nano Cube Specials

Let's see what specials we have for the hot selling Nano Cube tanks by JBJ.  HMMM

What can we do to entice you to buy a Nano.  How about FREE STANDS?

And super low shipping?  We know it's almost unheard of but here's the deal - you get a free stand with this special.  These are the cabinet stands we are offering on the free deal with the JBJ sale price on these Nano Cubes but if you want the other type let us know and if we have the cabinet stands free with the purchase of the aquariums with some of these shipping specials.

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Ships Free

COMBO 12 Gal DX Plus 12 Gal Stand

What you get here with this special is reefer rocking. JBJ gave a special deal on Nano Cubes and stands so we are passing some of the savings back.

Ships Free

* Discontinued 30 Gallon Rimless Nano Cube Aquarium w/ 36 in. Stand & 108W Pacifica LED Light

This package includes a tank, a stand, and a Pacifica LED aquarium light.