JBJ Macro Glo Aquarium Light

Looking for the perfect Macro Light for your refugium?  We have the solution with the Macro Glo.

The energy efficient MACRO-GLO by JBJ Lighting provides refugium illumination for all aquariums and is the smart solution for sumps that require powerful light output in a space-saving form. The MACRO-GLO securely clamps to the rim of the sump and can be easily positioned out of the way for routine maintenance without the fear of dropping the fixture in the water.
2 wattages to choose to from  15 or 25 watts
Item No:

MG-15  15W Saltwater 10X5X4.5
MG-25  25W Saltwater 6940005100883 10X5X4.5
B15-W64K 15W Freshwater 6940005100920 7.5X2X2
B25-W64K 25W Freshwater 6940005100937 7.5X2X2
The Macro Glow light makes a great add on lighting system for aquariums including Nanocubes and sumps.