Trinity T5 HO High Output Lights

Each style of the Trinity HO lights comes in 24', 36' and 48' so a great match for many saltwater tanks and freshwater aquariums out there.

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All JBJ lighting fixtures come with the bulbs and stand in the box so you do not have to incur any additional expenses.

T5HO-24 Is the smallest sporty fixture at 24 inches so is great for smaller tanks or under tank refugium.  Each on of these fixtures has 4x24 watt bulbs plus 2x1 watt high intensity LEDs

T5HO-36 The medium light fixture is great for mid size fish tanks and provides a lot of illumination on fish and corals.  Included in this Trinity light is 4 bulbs of high output t-5 types with 54 watts Plus 4 x 1 watt LEDs

T5HO-48 Trinity light is the largest JBJ offers in T5 Lighting.  The brightest light they offer in this size that will illuminate everything you have in your tank.  Specs on this is 4x54  watts T-5 lights and 4 1 watt LEDs.

JBJ's TRINITY™ High Output T5 Illumination Systems offer 24 hour light cycles. All models include 14K Daylights, 420nm Actinic, 460nm Actinic, and 1 Watt Nite-Vu LED moonlights housed in a sleek powder coated finish.