Rimless Aquariums

JBJ has a new sleek design on freshwater and saltwater aquariums with the Rimless Nano Cubes.

Stunning new rimless designs make this a great tank to have in the household or office desk.  Make a bold impression showing off your aquatic masterpiece and your friends will marvel at how cool your fish in this tank looks. 

Sleek Profile.



RL-6-CP 6G Curved Glass Peninsula w/ 7W Lyra LED

6 Gallon RL-6-CP Curved Glass Peninsula Rimless Aquarium with 7 Watt Lyra LED
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8 Gallon RL-80 JBJ Rimless Biotope Aquarium

The rimless aquarium that is taking the world by storm. The tank is made by JBJ. RL-80
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30 gallon RL-30 JBJ Nano-Cube RL Rimless Tank

The 30 gallon JBJ Nano-Cube RL-30 Rimless Aquarium
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45 Gallon RL-45 JBJ RL Rimless Biotope Aquarium

The JBJ Nano Cube 45 Gallon RL-45 Rimless Biotope Aquarium
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30 Gallon Rimless Nano Cube Aquarium w/ 36 in. Stand & 108W Pacifica LED Light

This package includes a tank, a stand, and a Pacifica LED aquarium light.