Thinking of a great reef tank?

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Why not get a nano cube.

This is a short video of our first 12 gallon JBJ Nano Cube
We have had this setup for a few months the corals we have in it are a Kenya tree, Orange Zoanthids, a few Brown Button Polyps, two anemones (one very small) a Brain Coral from Florida, a cool rock covered with a bright yellow sponge and a clam.
We have a pair of maroon clowns, Green Chromis, And a cardinal.
Cleanup crew
A few hermits and some snails.
70 watt (20k)HQI viper clamp on light, an extra power head for better water movement, a nano protein skimmer and a 50 watt heater.
FYI this video was taking with a digital cameras video options so it does not show all the colors
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