Pacifica Lighting 108 Watt

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Pacifica Lighting 108 Watt

- Pacifica 108W Wi-FiNew controllable Wi-Fi LED 108W;
- with fan cooled LED illumination combination of 12K & 20K;
- 60 degree & 120 degree optics;Independent reflectors;
- Clamp mount for Rimless Framed Aquarium;
- Daylihgt controllable;
- Dawn/Dusk controllable;
- moonlight ON/OFF;
- 3 independent channels ramp up or down;
- with Wi-Fi remote control;
- Unique power Off memory function;
- Advanced IR sensor

  • Wireless remote
  • Controllable LED
  • Perfect for Reef Aquarium
  • Aquarium LED Lighting
  • Next Generation Pacifica LED Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions of the JBJ Pacifica LED Pad (not entire box):


    6.7 in.

    Width (Arm Attached):

    8.3 in.


    12.6 in.


    1.6 in.

    Height (Arm Attached):

    7.6 in.

    Product Weight: 14 lbs

    We’ve designed our LEDs with both primary and secondary reflectors to cast the most light for wider coverage while maintaining stronger PAR values not only in the center but effectively over a 24” x 24” surface area. The JBJ PACIFICA LED contains both 60 degree optics in the center and 100 degree optics around the perimeter.

    PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the common measurement used to help determine the photosynthetic amount of light needed by corals and plant life for growth and vitality. PAR measures the electromagnetic radiation between 400L700nm, which is necessary for photosynthesis for live animals. The JBJ PACIFICA LED PAD is engineered to handle the PAR needs from novice to expert levels of coral needs.

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