Dosator Dosage Rings/Membrane DE-DOSR

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Dennerle Dosator Dosage Rings/Membrane DE-DOSR

With this order, you get six sheets with six adhesive rings each, six membranes, and instructions.

With a dosator, your aquatic plants are nourished as they would be in their natural habitat, in that they are given a small amount of nutrients on an ongoing basis. The Dennerle Dosator employs the principle of osmosis. Aquarium water “seeps” through the semi-permeable special membrane into the reservoir, pushing the nutrient solutions drop by drop via the riser into the tank. The Dosator is designed with the Dennerle fertilizers V30 Complete and S7 VitaMix in mind.

Dosage rings are applied to the membrane to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide that enters your Dosator reservoir.
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