JBJ 20 Gallon Cubey Midsize Aquarium CN-20-W

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JBJ 20 Gal Cubey All in One Mid-size Aquarium CN-20-W - SHIPS FREE

The little Cubey series has grown up to include the 10G, 15G, and 20G sizes. All the necessary accessories except the stand are included with the 20 Gallon starter tank. A redesign of the original Nano Cube, the new Cubey suits modern fashion and lifestyle. The All-In-One Cubeys are available in black or white with high clarity flat panel glass and integrated dimmable two channels LED top.




- Smart touch control

- 2 channel dimmable control

- Blue/white/red LEDs

- High-efficiency, low-heat, long-lasting LED lighting system

- 4 preset settings

- Vented canopy

- Integrated feeding lid

- 3-stage filtration: Mechanical sponge, biological ceramic rings, chemical-activated carbon

- Low iron glass with the highest clarity

- Dimensions: 18.26” x 16.25” x 18.70”

- 16 Watt Pump

- Light: DC12V, 20W

- Ships free in the contiguous USA

3 Stage Combined Filtration

First Stage Filtration Section
Designated for your choice of filter media or heater (heater < 50 Watts recommended)
Filtration Intake Grill
Filter Media Caddy, filter sponge included to support filtering bacteria growth
Return Nozzle Chamber does not impede water flow
Advanced ventilation system
Quiet operation
Patented JBJ Flipped Top Hood with Support Hinges

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