JBJ 15 Gallon Cubey Tank & Stand White CN-15-KW

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JBJ 15 Gallon Cubey Tank & Stand Kit White CN-15-KW

The JBJ series of Cubey aquariums now features 10, 15, and 20 G sizes. This latest JBJ Cubey suits today’s current décor and lifestyle. Available in black or white, the All-in-One Cubeys incorporate high clarity flat panel glass and integrated dimmable two channels LED top.


·         Long-lasting, high-efficiency, low-heat LED lighting system

·         Touch-button controlled LEDs

·         Three stage rear filtration

·         Superior polished ABS plastic canopy and frame

·         Extraordinary for home or office decoration

·         Cutting-edge ventilation system

·         Patented Flip Top Hood

·         36” White Cabinet Stand included

Available in Black and White.
Tank dims: 16.22 x 14.25 x 17.67 inch

From the original 12 Gal Nano Cube to the Midsize Rimless Series and now the latest Nano Cubeys, JBJ has always strongly believed in offering today’s hobbyist and enthusiasts the affordable solution in aquariums. If you had fallen in love with the 3 Gallon Mini Cubey and had desired a larger capacity, then this is the perfect answer.

LED Lighting

·         Color Changing LEDs

·         Touch-button Control

·         4 Presets

·         DC-12V Low Voltage

3 Stage Integrated Filtration

First Stage Filtration Section
Designated for either filter media or heater (heater < 50 Watts recommended)
Filtration Intake Grill
Filter Media Caddy, filter sponge included to promote beneficial bacteria development
Return Nozzle Chamber won’t hinder water flow
Innovative ventilation system
Quiet operation
Original JBJ Flip Top Hood with Support Hinges


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