Accela Powerheads JBJ

Introducing the JBJ Acella Powerhead.  This unit works great with the wavemakers we have in stock.

This unit is Extremely powerful and efficient.

This powerhead is ideal for the dual wavemakers, undergravel filters and can provide excellent circulation for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Acella pumps and powerheads.

Energy efficient, and ul approved.
Works great with Wavemakers and Nano Cubes.
Great replacement pump for the Nano Cubes.  Much less heat produced compared to the original pumps that came with them.


Accela Pump

The Accela Pump is ideal for freshwater and saltwater applications.  An upgrade pump to the Nano Cube.
This unit is UL approved and energy efficient.  The Accella Pump by JBJ can also be used with the Duo or Quadro Wavemakers or any wavemaker due to the quality of their shaft.
Delivery time:5-7 Days