Pumps, ATO and Wavemakers

JBJ offers a full line of water movement equipment for your aquarium.

All of these items can be used in other brands of tanks large and small.  Pumps, sometimes called powerheads, are used to move water from one location in your aquarium to another.  Pumps also make sure there are not dead spots in your fish tank.  All pumps are universal meaning they can be freshwater or saltwater.

ATO's are called automatic top off units.  What these do is allow automatic refilling of the water that is lost from evaporation or removal when cleaning your tank.  If used with sumps these will allow you to maintain a stable environment for your fish and decrease fluctuating temps and pH.

Wavemakers are normally only used in a saltwater fishtank with corals.  What does a wavemaker do?  It provides a wavelike motion of current for your tank.  This is vital to coral development.