WaveMakers Ocean Pulse

Creating Motion in Oceans

The JBJ Ocean Duo and Quadra are original wave makers that were specifically designed to double the spontaneous cyclic rhythms of tides and currents for housing aquariums.

These wave-makers create turbulent flux patterns with adjustable alternating cycle present from 10 seconds - 6 proceedings. All models are equipped with an adjustable selector(s) for fast and prosperous set-up for virtually all types of inverts, corals, to help prosper get direct benefits.

Always explore particular requirements for single animals before making adjustments.

Aquarium wave makers producing water movement is vital for the success of invertebrates, fish with symbiotic protoctist, filter feeders and fish. The natural currents in the ocean transfer ergodic flow and motion cycle patterns that decrease aliments.

My DIY Wavebox using many paint pieces to wee the box and a Tunze 6000 course. I also made my own movement person to create an adjustable heartbeat. The racecourse is supported on the 555 timer IC that takes the Tunze's +v from the DIN5 and grounder it into pulses. The object DIY design costs about $210 over.

Here is a different type of wavemaker in action but shows how they work.

My DIY Wavebox using some acrylic pieces to make the box and a Tunze 6000 stream. I also made my own wave controller to create an adjustable pulse. The circuit is based on the 555 timer IC that takes the Tunze's +v from the DIN5 and chop it into pulses. The whole DIY project costs about $210 complete.

Parts List:
Tunze 6000 Stream: $200
Acrylic sheets: free
Weld-On #16: $5
Electronics: $5
TOTAL: $210
xtm reef


Benefits of Replicating Wave Patterns
Recreating water movement is essential for captive animals within our aquariums for long-term success. By installing the Ocean Pulse Wavemaker you will immediately be rewarded, as you see you aquarium transform into a cleaner, healthier and more natural environment.Benefits

The Ocean Pulse Wave Makers by JBJ also called wavebox

  • Provides oxygen rich water to entire aquarium
  • Provides more stable water temperature
  • Creates desirable turbulent flow patterns only found in nature
  • Flushes "dead spots" of detritus and accumulated waste
  • Increase fish activity
  • Stimulates coral and invertebrate growth
  • Allows corals more exposure to light
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JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wavemaker WM-01

Let the surfing begin with the JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wavemaker (2 pump Capacity). This unit will create a living seascape of alternating waves in your aquarium. Just what your corals need. WM-01
Delivery time:5-7 Days
Ships Free

* JBJ Ocean Pulse - QUADRA Wavemaker WM-02

JBJ Ocean Pulse - QUADRA Wavemaker (4 pump Capacity) Great for the aquarium. WM-02
Delivery time:5-7 Days