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24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe aquariums came around when saltwater folks said we want bigger reef tanks now!!! Well JBJ listened and here it is. Sale FREE shipping for the contiguous the United States area.

JBJ 24G Nano Cube Deluxe

These systems are almost the largest integrated tanks that include lighting and filtration all in one for the hobbyist that wants it all in a glass Nanocube.

  • The Nano Cube DX elegant system offers panoramic viewing with smooth rounded glass corners, built-in 3 stage filtration system, and a powercompact lights. nano Skimmer NOT INCLUDED OPTIONAL UPGRADE
  • The 24 gallon Deluxe Nano Cube system has a heavy duty ABS top that can be flipped back and held in place for tank cleaning and feeding.
  • Aquarium Measures 18” (L) x 19.6” (W) x 19.7” (H).
  • Great for freshwater and saltwater use
  • The Deluxe Nano Cube comes standard with two 60 x 60 mm cooling fans, (2) 36 watt combo bulbs and remote ballast, 290 GPH submersible pump. Shown with optional stand.
  • BLUE LED LIGHTS for nighttime viewing FREE


    This 24 gallon Nano Cube is the newest model offered by JBJ Lighting. 

    With surface skimmer.  Looking for something a tad bit bigger? Then check out the 28 gallon unit with HQI metal Halide lighting.

  • You can upgrade to the nano skimmer for saltwater tanks.

    Nano Cube 24g Deluxe- the Ultimate Biotope!
    Our newest product on our Aqua-Collection is the Nanocube 24G Deluxe. This self-contained Nano Cube offers the easiest solution for hobbyists that demand high-tech performance in a miniature environment. This elegant nano offers panoramic viewing with smooth rounded glass corners with the necessary filtration, lighting, and circulation for a thriving mini-biotope.

    Advanced Features
    24 Gallon Glass Nano
    Panoramic Viewing with smooth rounded corners. This Nano offers the ideal dimensions for mini-reef and planted aquariums that require depth for rock stacking and planting.

    Built-In 3 Stage Filtration
    This discreet filtration system is hidden and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants.
    Mechanical - Sponge filter traps detritus and free floating particulate matter
    Chemical - Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor
    Biological - Ceramic Rings and Bioballs provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria.
    Submersibe Pump - Includes a 105 GPH pump for water circulation.

    JBJ Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting
    2 36 Watt JBJ lamps gives your tank inhabitants 72 Watts of high intensity fluorescent illumination. Installed with the very best Fulham remote electronic ballast for reliable performance and safety. All ballasts are remote with a disconnect cable and prewired to UL Approved German Socket lamp sockets for easy bulb install and removals. Installed with splash guard lens for lamp protection

    Electronic Ballast
    Energy Saving ballast allows for "flicker free" starts and dependable long term performance. Proves maximum light output with the least amount of heat production while being very energy efficient.

    Fan-Cooled "Flip Top" Canopy
    The new redesigned canopy offer (2) built-in 60x60mm cooling fans that draw out the heat generated by the lamps before they have time to warm up your water temperature. The unique canopy draws air in through the sides and pushes the warm air through the fans for a cool running cube. The new canopy allows you to adjust the positioning of the canopy with our integrated canopy stands that hold up your canopy for routine maintenance. The front of the canopy offers a feeding door that also flips back for quick access.

    CE Approved
    Manufactured with quality components for trouble free performance.

    L 18" x W 19.6" x H 19.7"
    Power: 72 total Watts
    Lift: 1.3M
    VoltageL 110v
    Freq: 60 Hz
    Submersible Pump: 11 Watt power Consumption

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