Nano Skimmer AENS-HTC2

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JBJ Nano Skimmer for Nano Cubes. Version 2 AENS-HTC2

Great price for this protein skimmer.  It includes the pump.  Easy to set up in your saltwater reef aquarium.  The collection chamber makes cleaning a breeze and take no time at all.

The reviews of the Nano Cube skimmer were great and customers loved them in their tanks.

Set up in all marines tanks up to 25 gallons but specifically made for the 12 gallon and 24 Gallon Nanocube but will work on others such as oceanics biocube on currents tank.

Below is a different protein skimmer video for your review.

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Nano Skimmer II










1.     Do not touch electrical plugs with wet hands when connecting to outlet.

2.     Connect pump to ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

3.     Do not run pump dry.

4.     Do not attempt to repair a damaged pump. Do not yank cord to pull plug from outlet.

5.     Do not operate cords or plugs if they have been damaged in any way.

6.     Create a drip loop for pump power cord to prevent water from running the length of the power cord and reaching the power outlet.   

7.     If plug or receptacle gets wet DO NOT touch cords. First disconnect the fuse or circuit breaker then unplug and examine for any water residue.      




1.   Remove all accessories from box and examine for damages.

2.   Rinse skimmer thoroughly to remove any fabrication debris.                  

3.   Do not allow water to get into air hose.

4.   Adjust hanging bracket and hang skimmer in desired location.

5.   Secure skimmer firmly in place by use of suction cups.

6.   If need remove pipe adjustor to lower water outlet.

7.   Plug pump into gfci adaptor. Follow safety precautions.

8.   Adjust skimmer foam height by turning the open/close level adjustor.

9.   If using optional foam filter the water level can be adjusted by rasing/lowering skimmer

      by hanging bracket.


Skimmer will require 24 - 48 hours to “break-in” in some cases longer depending on the bio-load, during which time an excess of waste and bubbles might appear.  Let skimmer run for a few hours before adjusting the water level. Once the skimmer has settled you can adjust the water level inside the skimmer to obtain a better consistency in foam production. Keep skimmer in a calm area of the aquarium away from turbulence. Dry skimming can be achieved by adjusting the water level in skimmer. Use the open/close level adjuster to lower the water level. The skimmer collection cup should be cleaned on a regular basis. For better performance clean the collection cup more than once a week even if collection cup is not full. Clean air hose for any salt residue obstructions when needed.


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