(DCV) MT-602-LED 28G Quad Power Compact JBJ Nano Cube

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Free Ship Cont USA. JBJ has done it again with the 105 Watt 28 Gallon Nano Cube. MT-602-LED - STAND IS NOT INCLUDED

The JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube Quad PowerCompact Bulb Aquarium is perfect for those who want a lot of light but not the heat that is typically seen in Metal halide lighting.

Great tank for Saltwater Corals and and fish.

The 105 Watt PC Fluorescent Quad Lamp has a high-tech ballast for intense, energy efficient light. The light output is almost 50% greater than the competing CF brands.

This order includes two powerhead pumps, Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker, removable transparent filter basket, designated heater column, two cooling fans, and four Nite-Ve LEDs with their own power supply.

If you are using this aquarium for marine fish and corals, you will need a protein skimmer which is sold separately.

This CF power compact qualifies for our Free Shipping.

Product Weight 51 lbs

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