JBJ Prokit Aquarium Cleaning Kit PK-01

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  • Description

Clean your aquarium like a professional with the Pro Kit

You will love the ease of cleaning your fish tank with the Prokit.  This cleaning maintenance kit will do your walls and gravel too!

  • 2-Way Siphon Bulb with 4 feet of clear tubing. Patented 2-way flow control valve lets you change water flow simply by turning the knob in the desired direction.
  • Gravel Cleaner Attachment with 2" dia x 7" tall chamber. Innovative design efficiently removes debris and detritus while minimizing the suction of gravel.
  • Strainer Attachment attaches to the Gravel Cleaner to prevent loose gravel from being sucked out of your aquarium
  • Vacuum Attachment allows you to scrape algae from aquarium walls while whisking it away with the siphon attachment
  • Cleaning Rod extends your reach for convenient maintenance without getting wet
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