DE-BKV2 Breeders n Keepers Vol. 2

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Dennerle DE-BKV2 Breeders n Keepers Vol. 2 Book

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The second edition of Breeders’n’Keepers includes fascinating breeder interviews and advice from experts. Roland Lück offers insight into shrimp genetics, Bernard Ehmer, the man for secret recipes and remedies that are essential for an active and happy shrimp life, has information about shrimp nutrition. Then there is Jared Green from the United Kingdom on the topic of abnormal development in shadow shrimp and other high-grade shrimp, and Werner Klotz also adds his perspective.

Naturally, we also let the breeders have their say – novices in particular can benefit from reading about their experiences. Moreover, there is a grade guide to the classification and classes of shadow shrimp. The articles are written in both English and German. Overall this is a big package of intriguing information interspersed with photographs of stunning examples.

Keep on shrimpin'!
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