Dennerle DE-SKS8 SK Shrimp Active Soil 8L

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Dennerle DE-SKS8 SK Shrimp Active Soil 8 Liter

ShrimpKing Active Soil promotes the health and growth of shrimps by offering essential minerals and trace elements from 100% natural raw substances.

This substrate was developed particularly for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimp, especially species that like soft, slightly acidic water, including popular bee shrimp such as Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bee, and Shadow Shrimp.

It alters the water to be more like that with which soft water species are accustomed in the wild. As a natural ion exchanger it keeps the water pH at a slightly acidic level (approx. pH 6.0-6.5). At the same time it lowers the carbonate hardness – down to approx. 0-2 °d CH depending on the water source - and as a result it makes the water considerably softer.

Plus, it offers natural source of humic and fulvic acids, without discoloring the water.



§  The irregular shaped grains are 1-4 mm in diameter and have a natural appearance

§  The dark black color makes the brilliant colors of the shrimp really pop

§  Porous surface for the colonization of key filtering bacteria, which makes it hugely well suited to use with substrate filter systems

§  Promotes growth – bacteria, single-cell organisms, single-cell algae and other microorganisms - as valuable, natural nourishment, specifically for shrimp larvae

§  Wonderful filter capacity to keep water clear

§  Binds harmful substances for a healthy aquarium

§  Also fitting for all tropical fish and plant species that like soft, somewhat acidic water

§  Does not stimulate algae growth

§  The use of Shrimp King Bee Salt paired with osmosis water lengthens the useful life of ShrimpKing Active Soil

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