Dennerle NPK Booster 100ml DE-NPK

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Dennerle NPK Booster 100ml Macro-Fertilizer for Aquascaping DE-NPK

Extra strength with phosphate and nitrate


§  Extremely active ingredients – effective instantaneously

§  Specially formulated for tanks with plentiful plants and low fish levels

§  For rapid, vigorous, strong development


Dennerle NPK Booster is designed for the unique requirements of aquascaping. In mixed community aquariums, the nutrient levels are sufficient or often too high because of the fish food. Planted tanks have much higher nutrient requirements due to dense planting, fast-growing plants, high light levels, CO2 fertilization, weekly partial water changes, and lack of fish food. 


NPK Booster supplements the water with nitrate, phosphate and potassium in proportions that are appropriately balanced for aquatic plants. This means that the nutrient proportions have been chosen so that all micronutrients are used by the plants in approximately equal proportions. As a result, NPK Booster averts both a deficiency as well as the harmful accumulation of any nutrient.