Dennerle DE-SKB Shrimp King Food - Baby

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Dennerle DE-SKB Shrimp King Food - Baby

This micro-granules are specifically adapted to the nutritional needs and feeding habits of shrimp larvae. For healthy growth and problem-free molting during all larval stages.

Shrimp King Baby is an excellent food that will sink. It consists of 100% natural ingredients for species-specific nutrition and rearing of freshwater shrimp. Comprised of more than 20 carefully chosen ingredients, variety is already crammed into each granule. Thanks to its high-quality proteins and amino acids, Shrimp King Baby ensures healthy, balanced development.

The vegetarian component of the diet is sourced from a variety of plants such as stinging nettles, walnut leaves, birch leaves, gingko leaves, pumpkin, birch bark, lapacho bark and barley grass. Vegetables such as spinach, fennel, and dandelion; herbs such as rosemary and aronia berries and flower pollen provide basic minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and phytochemicals.

Young shrimp with yellow, orange, and red coloring will benefit from the natural carotinoids in this diet. Shrimp King Baby makes molting easier and strengthens the body's defenses.

After hatching, baby shrimps typically remain where they were born for several days, and while they are there, they deplete the available food supply, so they can quickly starve. 

Shrimp King Baby micro-granules have a grain size of about 1 mm. These micro-granules will not dissolve in water, nor will they vanish into the substrate or filter like dust food. As a result, the food will not contaminate your tank and will not make the water murky.

Guarantee: no artificial colors, preservatives, or fish meal.

Tip: Shrimp King Baby is also suitable for young freshwater crustaceans of other species, including crawfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs) and crabs.

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