Dennerle Cryptocoryne Cordata In Vitro Live Plant DE-30018 C30

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Dennerle Cryptocoryne Cordata Invitro Plant-it Live Plant DE-30018 C30

Cryptocoryne cordata grows in South Thailand, West Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. The varieties have leaves that can be very different in shape and color. This kind of cordata has narrower leaves than the more common heart-shaped variety. The top side of the leaf has an attractive streaked pattern and the underside is reddish. This plant fairs best in low-level lighting and softer water. After a certain period of adjustment, this Crypto can also live in harder water. Reaching a height of 20 cm (7 3/4 inch), this plant is ideal for the middle zone of the tank.

In Vitro plants are submerged in 100 percent humidity. Many aquarium plants in the market are emersed, which means the leaves are grown above the water. After they are placed inside your aquarium, they die back and regrow leaves that look different than the way they were sold. InVitro culture cups eliminate this issue and allow your plant uninterrupted, even development.

In Vitro Plant-it cups also have many tiny plantlets that can be divided and spread throughout your aquarium, so you get great value for your money.

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·        Superb middleground variety for aquascaping

·       Good for beginners

·        Propagated and packed in sterile settings, which means no pest infestations or pathogens occur

·        Free of algae and snails

·        Plant is shipped in a sealed cup with leaves submerged so it doesn’t require acclimation

·        Includes planting instructions inside the label

·        CO2 10-30mg/L

      ·        Ideal growing temp range 22-28°C (65-78°F)

      ·       Keep unopened in temperatures within 72 to 78° and daylight until ready to plant