Dennerle Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit In Vitro Live Plant DE-30058 C240

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Dennerle Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit Invitro Live Plant DE-30058 C240

Cryptocoryne lutea is one of the easiest species of Crypto from Sri Lanka to grow. The new miniature form, Hobbit, was isolated from a normal sized plant in the greenhouse and propagated in the lab. This Cryptocoryne is ideal for even the smallest aquariums as its maximum height is only a few centimeters. The growth rate is also significantly slower than that of the stem form. With bright light, the leaves develop a deep purplish-brown color and provide an eye-catching contrast to other green foreground foliage.

In Vitro plants arrive to you submersed in 100 percent humidity. Many aquarium plants in the market are immersed, which means the leaves are growing above the water. These plants die back when they are placed within an aquascape, and they regrow leaves that have a different shape and size than they did when they were sold. With In Vitro submerged plantlets, you get unchanging, continuous development.

Another benefit to the culture cups is that they include many small plantlets that can be divided out and spread throughout your aquarium, so you get great value for the price.

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·        Splendid bonsai plant for aquascaping

·        Grown and packed in sterile settings, which means no pest infestations or pathogens arise

·        No algae, no snails

·        Plant is sent in a plastic container with leaves submerged – no acclimation necessary

·        Features planting directions inside the label

·        CO2 10-20mg/L

·        Ideal growing temperature range 22 to 28°C (65 to 78°F)