Dennerle Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba In Vitro Live Plant DE-30042 H11

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Dennerle Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba Invitro Live Plant  DE-30042 H11

The variety is known as dwarf baby tears and was first discovered several years ago in a stream on the island of Cuba. This is the smallest aquarium plant you can buy, with leaves just a few millimeters wide. It is an extremely adaptable plant in terms of water softness and hardness, but it is vital to provide good light levels and a generous CO2 supply. Plants that develop above water can be divided into small portions and planted. In a few weeks you will get a lush foreground cushion. Aquascape designs combining dwarf baby tears with various stones look both decorative and natural. Try planting Hemianthus with a red or purple plant as a contrasting accent.

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• Brilliant light green foreground plant

• Spreads as a thick carpet

• Very tiny leaves

• A high-maintenance plant that requires some experience to grow

• Ideal temps 18 to 26°C (65 to 78°F)

• “How to Plant” care instructions printed inside the label

• Grown and packaged in sterile conditions in a watertight plastic container

• Free of pathogens, algae, snails, and other unwanted pests

• Keep sealed in daylight until ready to plant