Dennerle Micranthemum spec. Monte Carlo In Vitro Live Plant DE-30038 M100

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Dennerle Micranthemum spec. Monte Carlo In Vitro Plant-it Live Plant DE-30038 M100

Micranthemum spec. 'Monte Carlo' is a new foreground plant with a ton of potential. This cultivar gets its name from the Argentinian city of Monte Carlo in the province of Misiones. Unlike M. umbrosum, this plant does not grow vertically, but creeps along the bottom to form a carpet. This makes this new variety a great alternative to Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', with much better growth habits. This pearl grass is perfectly suitable for aquascapes and excellent for Nano Cubes.

In Vitro plants are submersed in 100 percent humidity. Many aquatic plants in the market are immersed, which means the leaves grow above the water. These plants die back when they are planted inside an aquarium, and they regrow with the new foliage looking and feeling different than they did when they were sold. With In Vitro submerged plantlets, you get steady, nonstop development.

Another benefit to the culture cups is that they contain many tiny plantlets that can be divided out and spread throughout your aquascape, so you get great value for the price.

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·        Easy-care foreground plant

·        Creates a thick carpet

·        Brilliant green hue

·        Perfect for Nano Cubes

·        Cultivated and packaged in sterile settings, which means no pest infestations or diseases occur

·        Free of algae and snails

·        Plant comes in a plastic container with leaves submersed – no acclimation necessary

·        Features “How to Plant” directions inside the label

·        CO2 20-30mg/L

·        Ideal growing temp range 22 to 26°C (65 to 78°F)

·        Store unopened in daylight until ready to use