Dennerle Bucephalandra Broad Wavy In Vitro Live Plant DE-30018

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Dennerle Bucephalandra Broad Wavy In Vitro Live Plant DE-30018

Bucephalandra sp. “Broad Wavy” features leaves that are wedge-shaped at the base with rounded tips and eye-catching wavy edges. The leaves are vivid green with reddish-brown, short stems. This type of plant reaches a height of about 2 3/8 inches (6cm). Bucephalandra Broad Wavy is found in nature growing on stone in brooks with swift currents in Borneo. It flourishes as an epiphyte (without soil) on rockwork and wood; however it can also be placed in substrate in the aquascape foreground. This variety’s compact size and slow growth rate make it a fantastic plant for nanocubes.


Bucephalandra is sustainably grown in Dennerle’s large plant nursery and not taken out of nature.


In Vitro Plant It cups also include multiple tiny plantlets that can be separated and spread throughout your aquarium, so you get excellent value for the price.


Dennerle In Vitro culture cups contain plants that are already submersed. Many aquatic plants are sold immersed, which means that that the leaves will die back after they are planted inside an aquarium, and grow back looking different than the shape they were received. With In Vitro plants, you get continuous, consistent growth. Just clean it, cut it, and plant it!


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·        Outstanding for aquascapes – wonderful foreground plant

·        Appropriate for beginners

·        Cultivated in sterile settings so no pest infestations or pathogens occur

·        Free of algae and snails

·       CO2: 0-20 mg/L

·       Does well with lower light levels

·        Store unopened in temps ranging from 68-80°F and daylight until ready to use

·        The plantlets already have submerged leaves, so no acclimation is required

·        Planting guide is included on the inside of the label