Dennerle DE-SKYG Shrimp King Food - Yummy Gum

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Dennerle DE-SKYG Shrimp King Food - Yummy Gum Putty

Shrimp King Yummy Gum is a unique sticky putty food that provides a biologically balanced diet for shrimp. The food can be pressed onto stone, wood, or the aquarium walls, making a "shrimp grazing zone" on which the crustaceans feed. Shrimp King Yummy Gum contains 100% natural ingredients appropriate for all shrimp species.


Tip: You can also feed Yummy Gum to snails or give it to small fish as a tasty snack.


This formula includes all the crucial nutrients and substances for development that shrimp require each day. Balanced growth is ensured with high-quality proteins and key amino acids sourced from a variety of crustaceans and protein plants.

Valuable spirulina algae and delicious nettle leaves offer your little armored knights important vitamins and trace elements that function as "lubricants" for a healthy metabolism. Natural plant nutrients fortify the body‘s defenses. The plants also provide fiber which supports healthy digestion. Top-quality montmorillonite, a natural clay mineral, provides an optimal mineral source. Additionally, natural carotenoids enhance the development of species-specific pigments.

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