K-2 Viper Lamps

Sorry, the manufacturer has discontinued the K2 Viper Lamp. Please check out our other aquarium lighting options above.

K-2-150 (150WATT HQI/14,000k)

New K-2 Viper HQI Clamp on lamp Series. The K-2 Viper offers a streamlined design to fit on virtually any small reef tank or use it in series for larger aquariums. All models include one 14,000K (double-ended) metal halide lamp which casts the most intense amount of light for SPS, Clams, and Hard Corals.  This can be used for freshwater and saltwater aquariums though.

Versatility keeps you in Control

The JBJ K-2 Viper will virtually fit on any size aquarium! This unique design allows you to angle the light right where you need it most. With 3 separate adjustment knobs, you can configure the way you deem most fitting for your live inhabitants lighting needs.

Frequently people looking at new lighting options for a reef tank question what the "shimmer effect" is. This video helps display the shimmer from a 150w Metal Halide (MH) light. Shimmer will occur with any single point source light, however, for the reef tanks this is usually limited to MH lights. This is one compromise that is lost when choosing T5 HO lights over MH.
25 Gallon Reef Tank with JBJ K2 Viper MH light equipped with a 150 watt 14000K Phoenix bulb.

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JBJ 250 w K-2 Viper DELUXE HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture

The K-2 Viper 250 Watt Just got better. The Deluxe model of lighting to illuminate your aquarium.