FAQ Replacement Media

General Nano Cube questions we have had from customers. Sometimes new and experienced hobbyists have questions or concerns on what is the best scenario setting up their fish tank.

Sometimes it is not a cut and dry situation and sometimes there are multiple variations or variables to achieve the same outcome.

Feel free to send this in your questions and comments concerning media, water filtration, etc. from our contact page and we will do our best to answer them in our placement media frequently asked questions section.


What is Biological filtration?

When first starting up an aquarium you will not have any good natural bacteria in your tank.

What is Biological media?

Some customers are confused what biological media is in a tank.

What are the ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria to live and grow?

The beneficial bacteria found in your fish tank can live in a variety of conditions and temperature.

Customer Chats

We occasionally get some questions from customers that you clarification on certain issues in the aquarium. Below we provide information concerning the media of the aquarium.