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We occasionally get some questions from customers that you clarification on certain issues in the aquarium. Below we provide information concerning the media of the aquarium.

I have a 24 gallon nano cube. I need to replace the sponge. I am using the tank with freshwater fish and there are currently two sponge filter in each of the two chambers. I was looking at my book and do I need bio-balls, carbon bag and ceramic ring bag or is that for saltwater fish?

You should replace your Nano Cubes aquarium carbon every 3-4 weeks the ceramic rings seldom needs to be replaced 1-2x a year @ most because carbon leaches toxins back in the water after 3 or 4 weeks ceramic rings help good bacteria breed

My tank does not have the bio-balls, carbon bag or ceramic ring bag. Do I need these items for freshwater fish?
 We do have bio balls listed as people do not replace them but if they are gone thats a problem

My tank has filter sponges in each of the two chambers. The tank did not come with bio-balls.
 hey would be all the way @ the bottom and black hard to see if not then send us an email AFTER making your purchase and we  can send a payment request for the bio balls seperatly.
 Chamber one has a sponge, chamber two has a sponge and chamber three has the submersible pump
 What should i be ordering?
Nano cube Sponges and just the carbon and i will send a payment request afterward for the bioballs 
36 watt power compact aquarium bulbs for the Jbj 24 G Nano Cubeto if you have not replaced them in the last 6 months
carbon bag
 how many Nano cube sponges for my tank?
 yes carbon every 3-4 weeks
 3 sponges go in the unit
 do not remove all @ once though 
  remove one  one day another a few days later
 another a few days later
is there a separate item number for each sponge?
 no just choose the correct size of tank as they are all now only cut per size of tank
 what about the bio-balls?

 should i place my order now or can you do that over the phone?
 it is the weekend we are closed i actually have live chat up really as i am working on a project and you got lucky i had it up!!
you can add item to web site. how often do i change the bio-balls?
 should never have to
I am putting it right under the carbon
  for now i will move it later  just put it there for ease of you finding it you may have to refresh the page give me a moment for it to upload
 do i need the ceramic ring bag for my aquarium?
it is where more beneficial bacteria breeds
 all is uploaded
 how often do that need to be replaced?
 how often does the ceramic ring bag need to be replaced?
if it gets all goosed up once a year 
many times though it wont get yuck on it
how often should the bioballs be replaced?
 If they get yuck you can just soak them in hot water or peroxide
 okay? This is all new to me and I am still learning. When I receive everything is there a certain order I should be putting things in?
Bottom bio balls above that the  ceramic rings then sponges
 When you get it shoot us an email  via the website and one of the staff can send you a link to the pdf file that has all info on that
I have my book in front of me and is shows the ceramic rings on the bottom, then the carbon bag and then on top the bio-balls
 where do the carbon go?
 Typically we suggest bio balls on bottom due to 1 in the nano cube they never get replaced and 2 because of that you want then the furthest down to make sure no debris gets on them
In chamber one will be just a sponge?
The replacement carbon for the nano cubes should ba placed under the sponges